Please Make a Donation

Maintaining a sancuary of this magnitute requires a lot of resources and though Jeff has maintained the Education Center for years we could certainly use your help. A little or a lot goes a long way in creating a safe and natural habitat for the bears.

Please consider making a one time or on-going donation to Wisconsin Black Bears Education Center so that the bears and guests have a home and a place to interact for years to come.

Helping the Bears

The privately-owned and operated Center is a not-for-profit association that seeks to help bears by:
  • Dispelling the myths and misconceptions that have led to the widespread, unnecessary persecution of bears.
  • Reducing human/bear conflict through education.
  • Providing positive educational and research opportunities.
  • Improving the lives of bears in captivity by serving as a high quality role model for bear housing and husbandry.
To make a Donation please click the "Donate" button below which will redirect you to our account on PayPal. Thank you for helping us achieve our goals for the Education Center.